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Today, and as always, I recycle my trash at work: paper in the yellow trashcan, the rest in the black one. This morning, I saw a cleaning lady empty the contents of the black trashcan into the yellow one, put the whole lot into a big plastic bag and then leave as if this was normal. FML
By rainperson / Thursday 7 January 2016 10:18 / France
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  Mathalamus  |  24

i Voted for the Conservatives in the Canadian election. the Liberals won instead. by millions of votes. did my vote really matter? even my riding was elected liberal, by a 1,400 votes. i say again: did my vote really matter?

  muncherofice  |  19

the same with my school there are blue grey black and green bins all organized recycling bottles recycling paper garbage and compost and if u so much as throw a piece of paper in a blue bin they get really mad at you. but once in a while a huge garbage truck comes in and emptys all of the huge bins in the truck.

  muncherofice  |  19

its this thought process that passes on. soon ur family thinks that their friends and family now a bunch of dumbasses in FML and sooner or later a lot more than a single person is not bothering to save the planet

  LPac5295  |  27

#34 No shit Sherlock. I never said the earth would die from one person not caring about recycling. One person not caring won't affect much but the cleaning lady isn't the only person on the planet that, evidently, doesn't recycle so it adds up. Besides it was mainly meant in a joking manner anyway.


I agree that this happens a lot of the time. She definitely isn't the only one, where I live they empty all of the recycling trash cans into the exact same garbage truck. Across the whole city. It really seems to be something just to satisfy the conscience of the person who actually cares enough to recycle, cause the government doesn't seem to care much if they always mix it into one truck and then into the same dumping ground.

  pokemyeyes  |  23

Yeah at my old college they had those bins with two holes in the top one allegedly for recycling the other for normal rubbish, once you look inside one of the holes though you see its just one big bin so youre throwing everything into the same mixed container.

  ChopSuey444  |  20

The cleaning lady could be unaware if the cans are unmarked. Yes, she SHOULD know as that's obviously part of her job, but if she's new and the cans aren't marked then its not quite as bad.

By  hellnosucka  |  27

well you know, all the trash in the black can is tired of being discriminated from everything. it is time for all kinds of trash to coexist in peace. long live the cleaning lady.

By  yes31601  |  16

This one took me a second to understand. To anyone wondering, there's a recycling bin and a regular trash can next to each other. The cleaning lady piled both the recycling and the regular trash into one bag.

  mariri9206  |  32

exactly, 32. this didn't really need clarifying.