By gingerwhinger - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes
Today, an older lady approached me at work and stroked my hair, telling me it was 'beautiful'. This isn't unusual, I'm a natural redhead and octogenarians especially seem to love the colour. However, the unusual part was the glob of snot she left in my hair from her unwashed hands. FML
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  OysterPearls  |  33

Someone hasn't seen enough horror movie plots. If there's two kinds of people you avoid, it's small children and elderly women. They're most likely to devour your soul.

By  Lawana  |  4

That´s why only a few people are allowed to touch my hair... Most of the time I try to avoid people that don´t ask or even stop them from touching me. Most of them realize that it´s insanly disrespektfull to just touch someones hair without permission. But I had a few huge fights because they thought I was wrong and they simply wanted to touch my hair.... Most of the people I had a fight with, had disgustingly dirty hands.
Hope it wont happen to you again like this!

By  MyS3lf  |  24

I am so sorry :( I can relate, I have red hair and get the same thing all the time, though I think I would totally freak out if someone left snot in my hair. I don't let people touch it, and now I have even more reason not to.