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  melikesfml  |  11

I think everyone missed the FML. He had his penis out while peeing... A hot female police officer comes up ... I think most of us know what happens when attraction strikes...

  Amethyst888  |  14

49- I realize camping has nothing to do with this FML, but when people go camping they sometimes end up peeing in public places, or just not in a bathroom, because there is no avoiding it. So what I was trying to say is that people who go camping and pee outside on a bush or something are not necessarily on drugs, so it's wrong of 3 to assume that anyone who pees in public is under the influence.

  HairyPunisher  |  27

Yeah how does no one get BandWagonGuy's comment? He's implying that the comment about OP being high or drunk came from a judgmental person on a high horse. I agree with his comment. There is absolutely NO indication foul activity took place with OP. Maybe he was on a road trip and stopped off the side of the road. Who knows.


i had to piss on the side of a building once cuz there wasnt a restroom nearby. sometimes you cant help it. the trick is making sure no one can see you or at least not making it obvious.

  middlecyclone  |  5

Oh god. He's not saying it needs to contain the same words. He's saying this comment had nothing to do with the FML except that it was about urination. Was that really that hard?