By disturbedgd - 14/09/2016 11:29 - South Africa

Today, after years of listening to my coworker complaining about everything in her life, including her job, I finally stood up to her and bitched at her for complaining and not doing anything about it. She went to my boss, and now it's in my job description to listen to her when she complains. FML
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Get skin toned ear plugs, and simply nod your head and make noncommittal noises whenever she starts ranting. It's what I do with my mom, and it works like a charm.

They're doing great things with earplugs these days. And nodding your head like a bobble head keeps your neck nice and loose.


Sounds like marriage

Looks like a few people on here think marriage doesn't involve listening to your spouse complaining over and over.

You're not ready to get married if you think this is how marriage is.

Marriages might be like this in some cases...but it wouldn't be a very healthy one.

its a shame the fml comment section has gone to pot, everyone responds like every comment posted is deadly serious... this is the internet you know guys upvote from me #1 for having a sense of humour

sense of humor = nonexistent

but hey, at least you got an FML published...

They're doing great things with earplugs these days. And nodding your head like a bobble head keeps your neck nice and loose.

Get skin toned ear plugs, and simply nod your head and make noncommittal noises whenever she starts ranting. It's what I do with my mom, and it works like a charm.

I'll look into it xD

Only problem is if they ask you a question or something you shouldn't nod to

I feel like your boss probably can't legally make you do that

Get used to the idea that your boss may "legally" be limited in what they can make you do, but "in reality" they can make you do almost anything. If you sue your boss, it'll be hard to get someone else to hire you, and your lawyer's fees will most likely eat up your winnings, if there are any. Justice in the workplace is virtually non-existence.

I sympathize. My mother is like this and when I put my foot down, my family bitched at me for taking a stand and now I'm kinda a pariah.

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If you decide to ever reengage call them up so they can listen too. Share the pain.

A boss is different, respect your parents no matter what they say.

Yes, respect them for being racist, homophobic, hateful, bigoted, degrading, etc.... That sounds like a recipe for success. Just like in any other relationships, parents earn their respect by being respectful themselves.

#39 If you would have heard or seen the things my mother has said and done to my brother and I, you would realize that not every parent is worthy of even being a parent.

Life's a bitch

and then you work with one.

harleyivy 7

I would continuously ask her what's she gonna do to fix it, every time she complained. or tell the boss that she's interrupting your work.

Oh I did I couldn't fit the entire story it was part of my defense when I was being interrogated.

Just keep asking her what she's going to do to fix the problem, your boss said you had to listen to her complain but didn't say anything about talking to her about it.

So since it is in your job description run with it. 4 times a day go to her with a notepad and ask for her complaints. Write them down in detail and ask for complete details. Stop her and ask for clarification on a detail. If she asks why your writing it down tell her the truth, she when to your boss and now it is in your job description and you are being very through. Don't do it snippy or in disgust. Do it like you own that task.. If she asks who you show it to tell her no one unless your boss/job description says so. but being the detailed employee you are and since she asked the boss to make you listen you take your job seriously. It is now her choice. SHUT UP or you will take notes.. :)

This is actually genius. Unless OP's coworker is totally psycho this will make her stop.

I'd also record the time you spend and use that to ask the boss what other work in your job description you should put aside to listen to her? "I did get half of the report done, but then Susan talked about how her children are making life choices she doesn't like for 45min. I can either finish the report or type up the analysis of the stakeholder meeting (assuming Susan doesn't require more listening today) but not both. Which do you prefer I finish?

I loved reading this comment. Genius!!!

This is so clever, and the best part is the boss can't reprimand you for doing this as you are fulfilling your job description. I will even buy you the notepad!

I had a similar problem with a lady I used to work with. I'd be having a normal conversation with her, and suddenly she would turn it into a chance to talk about how terrible her childhood was and how much her mom hated her and all this other stuff. The slightest of innocent things would start her on it, like me saying the word "mom." It was ridiculous.

I've got a similar issue, but this woman is my superior in the company. Usually I just sit there and hold a poker face until she's finished- it doesn't score me any points, but it at least stops me from saying what I'm thinking.

My sympathies to both of you, it's what I'm doing now. You can't help such a person and you can't say what you really want to either.

"Mom.... I remember when I used to have one of those...."

Nah, 61. It was more like I'd be talking about a funny story involving my mom, and this coworker would go, "well, my mom tried to kill me with a kitchen knife once, so.." And then she would give me this look like I was supposed to be sad for her, even after hearing the same story a hundred times before. I did feel bad for her initially, but when you get told these things almost every day, the effect wears off pretty fast.