By disguested - United States
Today, after threatening my son for weeks that if he didn't clean his room, I would, I went in, equipped with a garbage bag, ready to throw away everything I found, only to discover dozens of empty bottles, two partially empty pizza boxes, Taco Bell wrappers, and cockroaches. FML
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  mypeepeehurtz  |  0

no you peole are retarded when she said she would go In there with a trash bag she ment she would throw away everything on the floor like toys clothes or anything for punishment. but what the son did was pick up everything else but the trash

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Condoms would've been an improvement besides, what girl would go in there? Don't let him take anything to his room anymore!

What kind of bottles were they? Is your son an alcoholic slob?

  Felendris  |  0

this is all one sentence... -_- and er, OP, how would you know his room was dirty if you never saw it? and if you did see it, then how come you were suprised?

  LTMcleod  |  0

26, that's a blantantly obvious fact, if you just called me and idiot, let me explain. when a person with average intellegence makes a comment.. the message behind what was said must be thought about. no one here needs to point out what you just said, we all understand.

  ziggo3  |  0

The threat is that she's going to throw away all of his personal belongings. For example, if he had an ipod lying around, she'd throw that away. Obviously either the kid didn't have things worth keeping or he put those away so she was only threatening to improve his life.

  lifeinhd  |  3

Perhaps what you should have done is contributed to his garbage dump by leaving your own trash in there as well. Kitchen trash full? No problem, just dump it in your son's room. Done with that banana? You know where to toss the peel. Maybe eventually he'd catch on.


You should have just let it be. Letting him live in his own Filth should be enough Punishment. And what does it matter to you? It's not your room, You don't go in there, ... or do you?

  Philosophic  |  0

@ 52 - You uhh, you spelt intelligence wrong, among things. <3 Karma owned you while you were trying to be smart with your fancy edumacation. What a silly sausage!

  sashalynn  |  0

I like "Taco John's" better. I was wondering, why do American's work at Mexican restaurants, and Mexican's work at American restaurants? Sounds like cultural confusion to me. :)

  Crimson_Summer  |  10

It's the fact that if they cleaned the child's room, they wouldn't care about the kids privacy, nor stuff, hence the 'ready to throw out everything I found.'
but ehh, you're right. That's kind of a useless threat.

  afatmonkey  |  0

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