By turnedintoinsomniac - 21/01/2011 19:46 - United States

Today, after months of living with my roommate's horrific snoring, I looked over to see her sleeping quietly. Elated that I might actually get a full night of rest for once, I went to bed. Just as my eyelids began to droop, she started making vile hissing sounds. Yes, hissing. FML
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LightningLadyy 0

Duuude, that's just not right...

Ah, your roomate is a parselmouth. Keep a close eye on them.


I think idve bought me some earplugs after the first few days, but I guess that's just crazy ole me talkin!..

Eat a bean and cheese burrito and see of your roommate can sleep through the farts and the smell.

Stuff a rolled up sock in her mouth.

joshua22 3

maybe shes possessed? you should get her a exorcism.

SweetlyDeviant 0

I totally agree. Hire a priest and get a silver cross and some holy water ASAP

kill her

LightningLadyy 0

Duuude, that's just not right...

Maybe she's possesed! Maybe you should try to sleep with headphones in!

Like a cat hiss, or more of a snake-like hissing? Details!

Cats hissing make me happy.

Haha I know just what you mean! I always laugh hysterically when my cats hiss at each other.

XxKyttixX 0

If you can't beat em, join em!

That would just make it worse.

XxKyttixX 0

"75 more least!"

XxKyttixX 0

Ugh sorry my ipod is glintching with this app real bad, it keeps posting comments in the wrong spots lol.

If you can't bet 'em, eat 'em

mintcar 9

Sucks for you. I can't stand to sleep around loud snorers.

She sounds like a joy to sleep next to.

Ah, your roomate is a parselmouth. Keep a close eye on them.

Wouldn't want you-know-who to come back.

lol im a snake, a slithery snake

You slithery snake you.

Exactly. Yet another FML where the problem isn't the scenario, but the OP's failure to take even the most basic steps to solve their own problems.

OP could be like me in that if I wear ear plugs to bed than I can't hear my morning alarm which would create a major problem for someone who has a class or work to get to.

Phone under pillow? An elaborate Wallace and Gromit type invention? Getting the room mate to wake her up when she gets up? Though I suppose that last one depends on when the room mate gets up, but I'm assuming that as (I think) room mates are assigned, they'd pick people with similar schedules...

I think that roommates are generally decided by alphabetical order except in cases where people managed to get permission to room with a specific person. I don't think schedule has anything to do with it because I've known a couple of people who had roommates who took all evening classes when they took all morning classes.

Fair enough. It was just a thought.

UpsidedownKayak 9

I am so glad I can sleep through anything, except for the nightmares about FML. That truly sucks for you OP.