By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, after living in my new apartment for barely three weeks, I found mice living under my dish washer. When I brought it up to the managers, they said I'd have to pay for an exterminator myself since they weren't there when they cleaned. FML
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  Iamnotfat  |  16

Both these guys are correct. Landlord and tenant acts will protect you. You do not have to pay rent if the situation is unlivable. Usually there is a phone number you can call if you google the Landlord and tenant board in your area to ask them directly about your rights.

  corky1992  |  33

It depends on the lease agreement. I lived in a duplex where it stated in the lease if we were to have that problem it would be our responsibility, not theirs. Shitty, but some do that.

By  moodyreallyrocks  |  27

I definitely can relate!! I bought first house and even had the house inspected. After I got the okay from everyone and moved in, there were insects and other vermin in the house. I threatened to go as far as sue the previous owner, until she had the house completely fumigated..

  KeannaLove  |  32

Withholding rent would just show immaturity. I'm having the same issue and just ended up putting traps up. Fixed the problem and didn't get on my landlords bad side.

  Sammeydw  |  22

It depends on where they live. In some parts of the USA. The renter does have the legal option to withhold rent if the owners are violating health code(s).

  kirasant  |  19

Withholding rent is not immature. If you pay to rent a place you are entitled to get what you paid for. The proper way to go about it is to put the rent in an escrow account at a bank with your landlord as the second party. This shows that OP intends to pay while also keeping the funds from the landlord until the matter is handled.

OP should check their local laws and their lease to see what their options are. Sometimes a couple traps fix it, sometimes it doesn't. What I find more upsetting was the manager's reaction. In my state what he told OP would be illegal. The upkeep of the premises is the landlord's legal obligation. If OP has the legal right, I would suggest they use an escrow account.

If the manager is blaming OP for the mice, what will they blame them for next time?