By luciazee - 06/06/2013 20:51 - Peru - Lima

Today, after having spent years staying in school, working hard to achieve good grades, and avoiding all the bad kids, my mom accused me of having no direction in life and complained about how I haven't given her a grandchild yet. I'm 19. FML
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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ungrateful and blind of all the good they have.. but then again that can be any person, parent or not.

I applaud op for not being a teen mother and focusing on becoming a successful person. we need more people like that.

If you know you're doing well that's all that matters.

MotleyManiac 7

Well said. You work hard and be proud of yourself OP. The people that are worth having in your life are those that appreciate you and encourage you, not tear you down.

Sounds like you may be living the life she wanted to. Keep it up, OP!

heylesha 8

Well good for you OP, good for you :-)

yesio12 13

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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iammeorami 25

props for not making kids at a young age

flockz 19

you should star in a reality show: Educated and Pregnant.

TheDrifter 23

But could they find enough cast got a second season? Somehow educated and realty TV don't seem to hang out much.

TheDrifter 23

*for *reality. Proofread fail at my end.

Uh, excuse me, but I personally enjoy realty TV. I learn all sorts of useless facts about investing in properties and housing.

18 It does if you watch shows like "'Til debt do us part" or "Love it or list it".

"Love It or List It" is literally the most addictive show. And neither Hillary nor David are brain dead or trashy!

TheDrifter 23

It seems my typo has led me to a new genre of TV. Renovation shows could either give me great ideas, or get me in large amounts of trouble for dismantling rooms to implement them, maybe both.

Ignore her, hopefully in the long run she'll see how great of a child you were.

You've got your head screwed on right, and your mom just has messed up expectations. Good job, OP. I hope you get where you're trying to go.