By MouserMan - 22/10/2014 14:47 - Canada - Olds

Today, after emptying the dishwasher, I noticed something in the back by the drain. It looked like a turkey bone. Upon closer inspection, it was a mouse carcass. I have no idea how many loads of dishes have gone through with it in there. FML
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The mouse from Ratatouille just wanted to help clean the dishes, you monster.

I would have been horrified.


I would have been horrified.

Well at least they're squeaky clean now..

It was a mouse-take looking back there

That was terrible

Wizardo 33

Drake the type of dude to fart in a toilet and flush...

It was a mouse-take to read your comment #2

thecman25 14

Drake the kind of guy that just sucks no matter what

Wizardo 33

Drake the type of dude to pretend fall asleep in the car so his homies have to carry him into the house.

StiffPvtParts 43

The mouse was probably squeaky clean after being in the dishwasher for so long, however, that doesn't make it any less gross *~*

Welp, time to go drink some bleach.

badmandilon 19

#3, as gross as it may sound, I would prefer eating a mouse than drinking bleach, this last one choice would jeopardize my health or life in a bigger way than the first one.

meli1195 31

obviously someone didn't get the joke

badmandilon 19

#40 I did that to get negative attention and it worked, buried in down votes. XD

The mouse from Ratatouille just wanted to help clean the dishes, you monster.

I meant to thumb this up

It was a rat

@25 - Yeah, my bad. Something about my wiring makes mouse and rat interchangeable, even though I know the difference.

It wasn't Ratatouille but a far cousin ;)

tantanpanda 26

rattatouille is just the name of the future restaurant, the rat's name is Remy

And you have been eating off those dishes for who knows how long...

hamrtym 15

Ratatouille no!

Remmie or Remmy

Sneak attack

Guess you can say your dishes were squeaky clean

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Who are you referring to exactly?

I guess somebody needs a new dishwasher

um... or OP could just do all of the dishes again and clean the dishwasher while looking for the source of the mouse problem? ...but no, obviously paying for a new dishwasher is necessary...