By BigmouthStrikesAgain - 19/08/2011 00:18 - United Kingdom

Today, after a tennis lesson, the coach was picking up the stray tennis balls around the court. Trying to be helpful, I asked him, "Do you want me to grab your ball bag?" His eyeballs almost burst out of their sockets. FML
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latinking13 8

Lol it's not as bad as saying "do you want me to grab your ball sack"


Last name backwards, something I used as a kid and diddnt let go

PushMyButtons 5

They burst out of his sockets from pure excitement

^^^ lol @ picture relevancy

lol i think this is the same person who likes it hot and sticky but couldn't handle a whole twelve inches...

Sunny_Eclipse 6

W00T testicles!

Open mouth, insert foot.

Open mouth, insert ball bag

Can I grab your ball bag? Thats what she said.

BrittanyB94 0

Hahahaha, I would have said the same thing :)

btnhdude 0

would you have meant the same thing?

Haha me to :) i do it all the time but no one really makes a big deal out of it... I just realized what i have been saying to my coach for the past 5 years...

Alwayspullout 7

Except he would have ran away very quickly if you said it...

And begged for mercy.

BrittanyB94 0


I wouldve said ill clean it for u!

SunDropGirl 0

Only if he's hot!!

SirObvious 1

YDI for being attractive...

And he can drop it. Lol I'm liking your picture. I'm from Missouri, where Sun Drop started.

latinking13 8

Lol it's not as bad as saying "do you want me to grab your ball sack"

I actually thought she said "would you like me to grab your balls?"

Petronix 5

Saying that would have made this fml even better.

jackrileymac 4

Yea I was thinking the same thing

Ball-bag in the UK is exactly the same as ball-sack when used as slang like this.

Well at least she didn't say "do you want me to grab your genitals and run my hand up and down your penis?" on accident.

You sure you didn't ask to grab his ball sack...

#8 Bag and Sack mean the same thing over there.

Freudian slip anyone? :P

Well did you? (;

Never heard that pickup line before. I think I'll try it out!

johnnybagodonuts 2

I think it's gonna work

So 10, do you want me to grab your ball bag?

theyre yousor naym iz arianna oar wut evz zo eye theenk shea iz uh gurl. lolz0r @ haytorz.

Alexunited1212 2

59 - please shut the **** up.

all4pooh 4

59- I think I just lost brain cells reading your comment

maz255 10

84 what did 59 say? least the jist of it

all4pooh 4

Awhh they moderated it. Butitz W@s sOm3ting s0rtz uv l!k3 d33z butt wurz3. Way worse.

Whoops! It seems you mistook this for MLIA. An honest mistake . . .

#10 ur from a place called phuket?


He has been waiting for you to ask that for weeks.

qyka 5

So have I hehehe jkjkjk think b4 say ballbag

I got the 69th thumb up.

Nothing is sacred anymore. Everything has a sexual innuendo now.

More or less, yeah.

In YOUR endo. *snigger*

yamatelle 19

26- *Russell Brand singing- Forgetting Sarah Marshall* "You took me by surprise when you let inside of you, insiiiide of you"

Hey if it were badminton, they'd be collecting shuttle cocks.....

iAmScrubs 19

Don't forget about the racquet. You can't just leave it lying limp on the ground.