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Manage your way out of that one

Today, after a string of crappy employees had come and gone over the month, I was joking to my manager that maybe we should move the "Now Hiring" sign further away from the trash can so we'd stop getting garbage hires. The new girl was right behind me. I'll be her trainer all week. FML
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  species4872  |  19

You need to get the lead out and sharpen up your comments a bit.

By  jcash52426  |  5

First it is not nice to talk about people behind there back. Second if the people were bad that they hired why didn't you step up and try and help your co worker.
based on your post it sounds like you were really bad at training your new workers.

  tantanpanda  |  26

First, it may not be nice, but nearly everyone does it. Sounds like they deserve it too.
Second, fuck that, you ever hear of those stories where the person helps the coworker and then they get fired because the other person is doing better? Based on the post, NOTHING should make you suggest that OP is in charge of all new trainees, it only says he's training this specific one. Also, if OP is in charge of training employees, he wouldn't have made this joke to the manager since that makes him look like a bad employee.
Third, you need to think more.

  Will Flynn  |  4

Sorry, sometimes "training them better" matters not when they are garbage, act like garbage and perform like garbage regardless. Some places have a higher turnover rate not because the work is onerous or too technical or skilled for many but because a good deal of the younger segment thinks they are getting over and can continue to do so. Just got rid of two of this type the day after New Years. No amount of training was going to fix their attitudes, which were crappy at best.