By screwed - 22/05/2009 00:18 - United States

Today, after a night of drinking, I woke up with some chips in my bed. I thought it was funny so I went to tell my roommate. Her response was, "That's so funny! It's a typical night out for the two of us. I wake up the next morning with a boy in my bed and you wake up with food in yours." FML
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It's okay... food can't get you preggers.

She just called herself a ****, your life is fine.


You're better off.

I'm a guy so I'd rather have chips in my bed than another guy........

she's a *****

she IS a *****

Shootermtd25 7

maybe it's her boyfriend

anonymous100000 17

why fyl? because you're not a ***** and won't contract an std unlike your roommate? seriously..

Emma Marshall 19

She's not a ***** for having a sex life. Just like guys are always sleeping around, women can do it too! But food is better 🤷🏽‍♀️

Any bird could wake up with a boy in her bed. Its not difficult!!! I have woken up with food in my bed numerous occassions. One time it even looked liked I had an egg fight with myself and lost. At least you wont be nicknamed the slag of the two of you!!!

Shadow_Sniper 0

#2 is right its not really very impressive when a girl gets a different guy in her bed every other is if a guy does it, though

WTSchool 0

If a guy gets another guy in his bed every night, that's impressive?

It's okay... food can't get you preggers.

rawrcatx 0

Food baby?

It can make you LOOK like you're preggers.

What's wrong with waking up with food in your bed? You don't have to get up and walk to the fridge the next morning.

ya it sounds awsome

She just called herself a ****, your life is fine.

#3 - She could always have a food baby. And yeah, anyone can wake up with someone in their bed. She's calling herself the ****, it doesn't make her any more special. Wait till you get a call that she's got herpes.

SweetestSin 4

I just LOL'd so hard! Hey at least you won't be the one ending up with an STD after a wild night of drinking :-)

So I'm guess you haven't had the new herpes flavored Pringles #7?

hahaha what a sl*t

Not really an FML. Guess which one of you is more likely to still be clean?