By Stormy - 18/06/2011 21:49 - United States

Today, after a long and tiring day at work, I went to the movies, loaded up on soda, popcorn, and candy. I ended up falling asleep and being woken up two hours later by an usher. FML
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I get really tired in dark places too, probably best to go home and nap as opposed to the cinema.

wow what a waste of money to pay for a movie you didn't even watch


At least they woke you up.

yeah right? that's what I was thinking. they could have just left them there.

yeah forreal, they couldve left you locked in there

You were watching the documentary on decomposing elephants again. God that is one boring movie.

eminemchick 19

i would make a relevant comment but 1's picture is so mesmerizing...

flockz 19

usher's point of view- " Today i woke up a fat ass that engulfed himself in sugary snacks. Then i worked an hour overtime to clean up his mess. FML" dont feel too bad op your life is the only one that sucks. lol

mello111 1

yea I agree with you atleast th usher woke you up!!

flockz 19

*isn't* just realized my comment didnt make sense haha

OP went to the movies alone ? FYL

muselover23 0

that and you got a nap?

52 - You can't take the 'toys' with you everywhere, or people would stare! Or so I've heard...

a_nutritionist 10

agree, they woke you up, wheres the fml? today you fell asleep by accident? who gives a shit?

I get really tired in dark places too, probably best to go home and nap as opposed to the cinema.

SirObvious 1

you'd be fun to have over:| jk and I hope it's a girl:)

theten_fml 9

mmm cinema

I always fall asleep at the cinema. It sucks because the movie would be really good and I'd be loaded with nachos, popcorn, soda and candy. Lol I guess I'm like o.p.

peakcheer 2

when did people start saying cinema?

Princessx3Jamie 0

It sucks you were at a movie alone in the first place :(

wow what a waste of money to pay for a movie you didn't even watch

turtlemansam 6

At least he got a good nap out of it

johnnie254 7

nice pic lol @4

I was thinking the same thing!(;

Not to mention all the junk food. Poor OP.

sephoraprincess 7

well, he could take the food home ;D

Garytt 0

why waste money on movies at all? there are tons of online movie sites :D

Looks like it was a waste of money to MAKE the movie, it sounds dreadfully boring.

fireball941 6

why go?

It's not like he planned on falling asleep...

how was the movie?

If I was OP I would tell you because I can see through my eyes... -__-

sarcasm....ever heard of it? cuz thts what I was using.

60 I actually kinda was but I meant eyelids. ^_^

ahahaha now 37 go die

108........fuck off lol

woah there champ, easy now. We're all friends here

ELE everybody love everybody

loverBall 0

ahaha wow thats embarrasing and a waste of money should have went home ydi.!

How is that embarrassing? People fall asleep during movies all the time.

I dont get it??? y is that so bad??

OP paid for a movie but fell asleep so he/she essentially paid to take a nap in a public place. The food wasn't really a waste of money because I'm sure he/she could still eat it after waking up (unless it was spilled everywhere). But yeah, paying for a product that was not received because of one's own fault.

I'm guessing the movie sucked :P

cynthiaF 0

I'm guessing they we're tired after a LONG AND TIRING DAY AT WORK. -____-

how would he/she or you know..he fell asleep because he was tired not because the movie was boring.

i think she was joking.. ?

lindseyluvszac 4

Too much sugar, not enough stimulation. You probably went into a slight coma. YDI fool

xxsarahfxx 6

I don't even wanna know what your talking about .

Dont feel bad, #12 doesn't know what she's talking about either.

at least nobody drew on your face with magic marker(: