By NathanPlays - 23/04/2011 01:39 - United States

Today, a very attractive girl moved in across the road from me. As I was leaving, I noticed she was looking out her window at me. I tried playing it cool, only to end up tripping over my own feet, hands in pocket, and faceplanting the hood of my dad's car. FML
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awww falling head over heals allready

Eggers 2

what were your hands *doing* in your pockets, you naughty boy?


awww falling head over heals allready

CrazyDude19 3

haha yes he sure is

Lol! Chicks totally dig injuries though. ;)

40- Chicks do not! At least not from trying to be cool and falling face first into your dad's car. :)

Okay well chicks dig real injuries.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, going with the clumsy angle I see....

dude.. I would laugh hysterically and use the fact he face planted into a car for me as a conversation starter. hahaha, I dig dumb injuries and imma girl.

lol actually i would. id think it was cute that he was trying lol ^^

staceysgenesis16 0

hah , i hope the car is okay .but nice attempt .. it was still a failure tho . obviously

elliottthefmlgod 0

Ba dun schhhhh

The cake is a pie!

RebornProblem 0

The cake is going to cry.

the cake got a sty

The cake is quite sly!

prince122 0

81: portal?!?!

prince122 0

ooh yeah it is I didn't see the the guys name lol.

IBeBlazin 0

Nope it's from a series on YouTube called Spriggs.

jess9696 0


tsim_fml 0

u forgot the "move" part of "smooth move" then you gotta call him a "slick fox"

forgettingsunday 0

what're you from, the 70's?

Takador 3

*french accent* silly americans

lol that sucks :/

Eggers 2

what were your hands *doing* in your pockets, you naughty boy?

CrazyDude19 3

lmfao agree what was he doing with those hands...

He was looking for a mouse.

uncbballwins 0

He was hiding the surprise boner

gigglezbabii22 2

It's part of his "cool" look lol because walking around with your hands in your pockets means you have swagg.

I like that #833333

I meant #83. my iPhone is too laggy.

why, he was playing a game of "pocket pull!"

drew2711 0

just tell her you were trying to practice your faceplant trick

poopboy662 0


AllThatHit 7


what's a bonnet on a car? oh, btw, real smooth xD

shift_love 13

it's the European word for hood, boot is trunk, and front wings are fenders.

perdix 29

And the hood is the top on a convertible.

Crazy4Christ 0


Bonnet is where the cops throw you when you're getting arrested. Boot is where the terrorists throw you when you're getting kidnapped.

JacksonCampbell 9

Why's it say hood now?

SmallTownCutie 0

I doubt it. Sort of sounds like he didn't have a chance anyway.

poopboy662 0


just say that's what all cool guys do when dey c pretty ladies. yup. . . .... very believable.