By Mrs. W. - 11/08/2015 00:32 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, a kid on a bike passed me and commented on my "big fat butt." Recognizing him from the neighborhood, I told my husband to go speak to his parents about the inappropriate comment. It turns out his father is the man who yesterday commented on my "big bouncing tits." FML
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shepardkinz 19

Like father, like son. FYL.

Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... Just ignore them if you can but if they keep pestering you then report them


shepardkinz 19

Like father, like son. FYL.

That's when you tell the wife and both their asses get beat. ^.^

FRW1 2

I personally think that is a stellar suggestion ...

extraballbing 4

This is an excellent point. And if it gets you nowhere, then hey, you know which house is like school in summer - no damm class.

Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... Just ignore them if you can but if they keep pestering you then report them

How classy of them. I guess stupidity runs through that family.

FYL, but why couldn't you speak to them yourself?

I was wondering the same when I read it.

Perhaps she felt embarrassed and self-conscious?

because they wouldn't pay attention to her they would be staring

Because a guy who makes comments like that towards women probably isn't going to take a woman seriously. I guess there is a better chance he may listen to another man.

Plant a potato, you get a potato

iPixelCheese 19

This post angers me

isabelf 17

#10, ah yes, maybe the reason to be mad is about little kids not being taught respect, or their parents being perverts!

It's sickening to think that kids these days are thinking sexually so young. And on top of that, having no respect, so saying whatever they please and expecting to get away with it. It's infuriating that some parents can be so self absorbed that they can't even invest in their child's life to raise them into a decent human being.

No joke, 24, if I acted this way when I was little I'd have been popped in front of the parent that came to tell my mother. Some people need to learn a little respect.

Badkarma4u 17

Saying someone has a big fat butt is not sexual. Kids say stuff like that all the time when a person is overweight. Boys and girls, about men and women. You may be getting sickened for no reason. Now the dad... that's another story

I think if this kid was saying it insultingly, OP probably wouldn't have had her husband talk to this kid's dad, because when kids are young enough to blurt out stuff like that, they usually mean it pretty innocently. You can tell a lot by tone. But the 'kids thinking more sexually so young' part extends to a good percentage of this younger generation. That's what disgusts me #69

You must be a bodacious woman

Maybe it would be better to tell the mom how her son AND husband are behaving.

looks like you should teach him some manners. put him in time out and then send him to bed without dessert, i'm talking about the dad of course.

mariathehoe 15

I feel bad for the child being raised by a father who doesn't respect women...I'm sorry for that OP