By Lala - 08/12/2015 08:30 - United States - Denver

Today, a guy for whom I did a design job told me he would only be able to pay me in 3 weeks. I told him that it was OK, as long as I didn't have to follow him around to collect my money. "Don't worry, I know the feeling," he said, "I used to run an illegal business." FML
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The mans word is his word, and he said "used" to. Two strong reasons to build a trusting partnership.

I don't know if I'd trust that "in three weeks" crap...


You should definitely try to get that money as soon as possible. Just to be safe, let your lawyer know what is happening.

Sure because that's how the legal system works

As if everybody has lawyers to help them with that crap lol?!

The mans word is his word, and he said "used" to. Two strong reasons to build a trusting partnership.

exactly i know those kind of guys and trust is everything to them he will pay you OP

nope what? nope you won't wear the shackles of society? nope you refuse to support the decisions being made by your government? WHAT IS IT MAN

Nope like what people yell when they see a spider maybe? crazion can you let us know if you saw a spider?

if that's the case then this comment makes even less sense

@18 depends on the size of the spider

9, another beautifully matching profile icon to go with the comment

I was just saying nope to the illegal business guy geez lol.

what did he do?

He may not have mean he sold something illegal but that the business wasn't legal. I used to work under the table. I did my work and got paid but I wasn't on the papers.

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Well aren't you rather distasteful.

Then don't comment.

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You know, not all comments need to be witty or have a pun. Normal comments work also. :)

Then what's your purpose of commenting

Good luck with that

Not saying he won't pay you back, but as an artist, this is why I make sure to always get the commissioner to at least pay half before I get started just in case.

I can just see the follow up fml...

where's my money *punch you gonna give my money man *punch getting real tired of you ducking me man *punch

I picture that episode of Stewie trying to get his money from Brian and beating him with a golf club and shooting him in the kneecaps. Best episode ever.