By Anonymous - 15/03/2015 18:40 - United States - Charleston

Today, a guy beat the crap out of me for supposedly sleeping with his girlfriend. I didn't get a chance to tell him my brother lives with me and that he had the wrong guy. When my brother got home, he didn't ask if I was okay, but rather if the guy was coming back for him. FML
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idk why people think beating up the other man/women is an appropriate response to their partner cheating on them.

Your brother is a jerk. Maybe you and the guy who mistakenly beat you could teach him some manners.


Your brother is a jerk. Maybe you and the guy who mistakenly beat you could teach him some manners.

I hope you're not twins. That could be a reason he thought you were him...

Agreed. Tell the man what happened then offer to help him

They're still family so no

Just because they're family doesn't mean they're not jackasses.

Your bother is a dick for not owning up to what he did and for letting you get beat. Hope you get some kind of an apology OP.

His brother wasn't even there to be able to stop the guy, if he was so inclined.

kick his ass, then kick his ass out.

I agree. Let's play the telephone game, except with ass-whoopings instead of silly phrases.

I like the way you think

I'd beat the crap of my brother if he didnt ask if I was ok.

Your brother sounds like a babe

And then you'd friend zone the nicer brother.

#77 It's called irony, Jesus Christ...

79. It's actually called sarcasm. Very poor sarcasm at that.

This wasn't funny.

My bad #79 that I didn't pick up on the sarcasm. I'll try harder next time.

Guys relax, it really was just poor sarcasm lol

Wow....peoole today are so shitty it's appalling

Maybe you should demonstrate what happened on your oh-so-caring brother

So a whole system of fuckups happened today

haha, that and this entire site.

Well you can't really blame him for being Awesome...

There is nothing awesome about sleeping with another guy's girl, let alone having someone else take a beating for something they didn't do.

#9, I don't even wanna know what kind of fools you idolize and look up to.

you're 30 and still think that way.. you might need to re-evaluate your morals dude.

Maybe he was worried at first until her realized, oh shit. He did this to you and you weren't even the right guy. What the hell is this guy gonna do to me if he gets ahold of me?

Am realizing now that I made a mistake and never corrected it before my time ran out :/ so will do so now. He*