By ohjoy - United States
Today, a friend and I attempted to jump the 7-foot high fence around his gated community because he'd left his keys. He made it. I didn’t. My shorts caught on the top of the fence, so I was forced to dangle there on a busy street until my Dad came and helped. But only after taking a picture. FML
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  guitarist410  |  5

You are a dick! Has it ever happened to you? Probably not. So you can't have an opinion about someone or judge someone just because of an accident. I'd bet all of my money if it happened to you, you couldn't get down either. Asshole

By  Ligerie  |  0

I thought gated communities had a code, not a key? And ours has a gate guard that can usually recognize someone who lives there or can ring the residence to make sure they know who you are if they don't recognize you.