By NotYourToy - 27/01/2016 07:59 - United States - Binghamton

Today, a customer scared me for the sole purpose of watching my breasts jiggle when I jumped in surprise. I know because his head moved as they did, and he said, "Nice." before walking away. FML
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I'm sorry that happened. Some people are just pigs.

Ew. Gross. Aaand that's why he'll be alone forever.


I'm sorry that happened. Some people are just pigs.

henryzm 7

That's ironic

52, in what way is that ironic?

Why? Because my cleavage is showing in my picture? So what? I, as an adult, CHOSE to put that as my profile picture knowing who may or may not be looking. I was not asked to jump so they jiggle and bounce all over the place at my place of employment. Grow up.

Ew. Gross. Aaand that's why he'll be alone forever.

Most likely haha

That's a pretty big assumption.

And You know this how exactly?

Pig. Sorry OP. Unfortunately there are assholes in the world

Brighton_Cruz 20

third. ha edit:nvm

gobiteme2 34

Some men are just Assholes.

Smack on his head! For being a jerk

Guys like him need to be falcon punched in the genitals. No one wants that crap

JustinJK 21

...but the customer is always right.

#12 hahaha

Its_Sinon 15

Honestly #12 whoever made up that saying is a dumbass

#19 the person who made up that slogan probably has a lot of money. to tour average consumer worker, its annoying as hell listen to customers drivel their crap, to the guy making the real money, well.. anythung to make a sale

KryssLB 14

It started a little over a hundred years ago, by a business owner trying to rein in his employees. At the time the outlook was very much "caveat emptor;" once an item was paid for, that was it. Didn't matter if you bought a "box of oatmeal" and opened it up when you got home to find it was actually full of dead raccoon; the attitude was very much, "Hah, we have your money; whatcha gonna do about it?" So this business owner coined the phrase "The customer is always right," to communicate to his employees, "Dude, when they bring it in and say they got it home and it was a broken piece of shit, YOU LISTEN." Unfortunately, idiots have twisted it into, "I am the customer and that means that no matter what stupid, physics-defying piece of stupidity I am demanding, YOU MUST CATER TO MY EVERY WHIM." Which is stupid and not at all what was originally intended. So, really, just another thing to blame entitled idiots for warping; but in the context in which it was originally created, not a bad thing.

Seriously fuck retail

It'd be worse if you were a guy with this problem

How would that work..?

Manboobs or "Moobs"

My brain seriously went straight to 'jiggling testicles', 27 isn't the only slow person here.

Well, that's got to be the breast way of getting boobs to jiggle. I'll be sure to keep a mammary of that.

cprad11 12

That was even worse than: "What a shitty situation."

I thought it was pretty punny.

What a creep. Luckily most people you meet aren't like that...

It depends, maybe OP works at Walmart.