By Anonymous - 10/02/2010 00:56 - United States

Today, I was about to have sex with my boyfriend when he reminded me that I needed to cut my toe nails. FML
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YDI for not being hygenic.

lol moment ruiner :P


YDI for not being hygenic.

I agree.ydi for being a cancerous whore and not waiting until marriage to give up your vag badge.

Do people have no self control? Just because your probably in High School getting made fun of for being a nerd doesn't mean you can insult others. Get some self respect and get your head out of your ass.

it's a new type of four play!

AngryNinja 1

shoulda scratched him with them. and told him you hope he likes it rough. xD

... It's now official; Pendatic is actually a hick.

fail at life much? stupid city-kid douch country boys would kick your ass anyday

AngryNinja 1


lol moment ruiner :P

prettybrwneyes16 0

at least he wasn't reminding you to shave or wax down there XD

Yuck. That's pretty bad.

on the plus side he has good vision...or maybe for you that's a negative...

garrettjordan 0

y does that matter it's not like your gonna kill him with your toenails

or maybee she will

nobody wants to get slice n thriced with toenails during lovemaking.

cowgod 0

foot jobs are dangerous if you have long nails

Maybe he just felt them rather than saw them.

EV34 6

hobbit's feet lol :D

treesdevin 0

hahaa fucked up and funny at the same time lol...

lmao. hobbits feet!

karamelkream 0

aaahhh it's stories like this that make me appreciate my splendid boyfriend

ambrz 0

eww dumb

stealthpanda 1

ydi for being gross. haha that's nasty!

garuru 4

yea it hard not to notice the toenails when i got on top of her the toenail cut me bad and were black and it wasnt nail polish