This Woman Who Returned Her Christmas Tree On January 4th Because ‘It’s Dead’ Will Leave You Fuming

There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, but there is a limit at which the lengths you go to to save a buck become outrageous. This woman who brought her Christmas tree back to Costco after Christmas because it was ‘dead’ is a prime example, and a major FML for the Costco employees who had to deal with her.

Costco, the wholesale jewel of American consumerism and food sample buffet, has one of the most lenient return policies of any retail magnate. You can return pretty much anything you’ve ever bought, no matter when, except electronics. As you can imagine, some people take advantage of that policy. Some very cheap people. But could you ever imagine someone returning a Christmas tree?

We can’t, and neither could one guy who witnessed just that happening at his local Costco in Santa Clarita, California. His name is Scott Bentley and on January 4, 2018 he was appalled, not only to see a woman have the audacity to bring back her dead tree, but also to see that Costco granted her a refund.

He posted about it on Facebook.

We, at FML, are totally on Scott’s team. It’s a Christmas tree. It’s only meant to last until Christmas. You can’t expect it to stay alive when it’s already been cut out of the ground! But a policy is a policy and the employees have got to matter how extra the customer is being.

When someone shared the post on Imgur, people chimed in to give examples of other times people exploited Costco’s weak return policy.

“Costco accepts everything. I saw them accept half a watermelon....”

“Same, the things i've seen come through returns. had a guy return his waffle maker because 'It didn't meet his waffle making needs'”

“Sister works for Costco, can confirm. People do this all the time. They will even demand a refund without bringing back the tree!!”

“Costco will accept literally anything. One of my friends returned a near 10 year old printer, no questions asked.”

“The worst return I ever did was a pair of light up light sabers. I bought them for my friends and back in college, within a day they we're broken, the blades torn and bent from hitting one another. So I tried to return them due to their lack of durability, the employee immediatly pointed out they appeared to have been played with. I was like yeah, they're toy sword and should be break after a day of use, and demanded my money back. I got my refund, but feel sort of guilty to this day.”

“I heard of a man who exchanged a printer from Costco every time the ink that came with it ran out so he never paid for new ink.”

“I worked there during college - we had a dude return a 10 yr old canoe that had been underwater the previous 9 years.”

As frustrating as these people are that they would stoop so low just for a refund, you’ve got to admit, it’s almost comical that people are willing to even try. But one thing that definitely isn’t comical? The train of pine needles now littering the floor of Costco. No one deserves to clean up another person’s dead Christmas tree needles. That’s almost as bad as cleaning up glitter.

By Nina / Wednesday 10 January 2018 15:13 / France
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