This Woman Who Glued Herself to Her Girlfriend in a Couple’s Therapy Accident Manages to Escape Arrest

Whether or not the accident was a stint to get out of serving time or an actual method of couple’s therapy, there’s no escaping the FML that is being stuck, literally, to your significant other for days on end. That’s a jail of its own!

It happens from time to time that a relationship comes to a rough patch. Not everyone is willing to seek couple’s therapy, but these two women from Centralia, Washington were. And the advice they received was…less than conventional.

Their couple’s counselor (Note: not doctor) of whom the women only know enough to share that he attends the local Buddhist temple, gave them this brilliant advice: in order to determine whether they could go through life side by side, they should literally attach themselves to each other by the pinky, which he did by affixing both of their pinkies into either end of a copper pipe using an unknown epoxy.

See for yourselves:

Why he didn’t start with something less risky, like a Chinese finger trap, no one can say.

Curiously enough, one of the women, 27-year-old Rachel A. Deckert, was due to show up in court the day after the pinky-pipe incident on a misdemeanor arrest warrant for driving under the influence. However, she managed to avoid arrest because she was still attached to her girlfriend.

In an interview with The Chronicle, one of Deckert’s family member said:

“She just didn’t want to go to jail. This is her fifth warrant on this case.” 

If that’s true, well then by all means, the scheme worked, and though the judge has let her off for now, karma wasn’t ready to let her off so easily.

It’s been over a week and the women are still stuck together. All efforts by the women and their counselor have been fruitless, and according to doctors, separation will require surgery, if not amputation. I can’t quite imagine an ending to this story more FML than that.


Moral or the story: if you drink and drive, you will have your pinky surgically removed.

By Nina / Friday 25 August 2017 18:19 /
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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Wow... okay, first of all, get them disconnected (use a hacksaw to cut the pipe in half) and then punish her ass because she's still required to go to court. And this is her fifth warrant on this case? Yeah, time to teach her a lesson.

By  Khalid Adi  |  2

I know this person IRL. She did it because she didn't want to serve time. They arent a real couple, both girls are straight. Funny thing is that it was never stuck. They could take off the whole time. She's now in jail serving 90 days tho ???