This Woman Destroys Her Opponent In A Cotton Candy Eating Contest And People Cannot Get Enough Of It

When you're tryna' take it easy, but your opponent goes into full-on beast mode. FML.

There's absolutely no competition. 25-year-old TV anchor An-Qi from Zhejiang, China completely crushed her opponent on a Chinese game show aptly named I'm The Winner.... you sure are, girl. You sure are. The guy barely had any time to realize what had happened. 

The clip completely blew up after airing on a Chinese social media platform called Weibo. The video was watched more than 16 million times, so we're really not exaggerating when we say that people really love to watch this girl destroy her opponent. They're eating it up, some might say. 

"My urge to beat my competitor was too strong [...] When I finished, I had no idea I was so quick either," An-Qi told Buzzfeed News.

But China isn't the only place that's obsessed with the cotton candy crusher. The West has hopped on board as well. The clip was viewed another 3 million times once uploaded to Twitter, and people did not hesitate to express exactly why this chick dominated so hard.

Better luck next year, dude!

By Nadine / Thursday 22 March 2018 14:47 / France
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