This Woman Dedicated Months To Pulling Off The Greatest Twitter Scheme Of All Time And She Deserves A Medal

This woman wins the internet.

Hadie Mart is an artist. Mart, or CostcoRiceBag on Twitter, recently tweeted that she had pulled off the greatest Twitter scheme of all time, followed with simple instructions: "Read the first word of my tweets to find out."

It takes a bit of time, but once you start, it's hard to stop. You will be able to recognize instantly what she has done, and keep scrolling, because you'll be amazed at the woman's dedication to -- wait for it -- tweeting all the lyrics to Bohemiam Rhapsody, one word at a time... hidden in other tweets... without anyone noticing. 

If you're not keen on checking her account to see the lyrics for yourself, you can check out this Twitter user's video for a visual and audio aid.

Home girl tweeted the ENTIRE SONG in reverse chronological order for months just to be able to... say that she did? And the result is marvelous. 

Besides the sheer dedication she had to keep the bit going for months, what's most astonishing is the way she managed to slide each word in, oftentimes including the first word into a topical meme at that moment.

And as Digg pointed out, some of the words that would have been more difficult to include were actually topical at the time. 

In the end, or rather, the beginning; Hadie Mart tweeted all 336 words to Bohemian Rhapsody and excecuted it flawlessly. Bravo, CostcoRiceBag. Bravo. 

By Nadine / Wednesday 29 August 2018 17:17 /
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By  Tony Friddle  |  11

um..... sure? people are easily amused lol