This Nurse Makes Extremely Disturbing And Realistic Cakes That Will Put You Off Your Lunch

FML? More like WTF.

Don't be fooled by this girl's innocent looking face. Katherine Dey, a registered nurse in upstate New York, is also the artist behind some pretty disturbing cakes. Dey runs her company, Deviant Desserts, LLC (aptly named,) on the side, and the disturbing cakes have got some people questioning this nurse's mental health.

Check them out for yourself below, but be warned, these cakes will probably make you feel uneasy.

Anatomical cakes

Disturbing baby cakes

Animal Carcass Cakes

Genitalia Cakes

Pretty sick stuff, eh? But fear not, (well, maybe fear a little.) Dey also does cakes in other uncommon (but less distrubing) arenas.

Savory Food Cakes

World Leader Cakes

By nadine / Tuesday 10 April 2018 15:41 /
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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

My aunt used to make cakes similar to that. Of course, the boobs were Snowballs and the nipples were colored chips of some kind, but still. This woman is artistic, but my question is, who would order a cake like this for any reason? Gross!