This Man Who Shared A Bunch of Good Things That Happened in 2017 Is The Hero We Need

After a rough year of FML-worthy news flooding headlines day after day, one guy took to Twitter to remind us that 2017 wasn’t all bad.

We know that we tend to harp on all the shitty stuff that happens on a daily basis. We’re FML. That’s just our thing. But after a year like 2017 with more FMLs happening in the news and as always, in our daily lives, than ever before, even we need a break.

Thankfully, Jacob Atkins came through with exactly what we needed: a list of some of the great things that happened in the last year, because believe it or not, there was some non-FML-worthy news that happened this year.

By Nina / Friday 29 December 2017 17:06 /
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