This Man Cracked The Plane Door Open To Get Some Fresh Air Without Realizing What A Terrible Idea That Is

What is it about planes that cause so many good FMLs?

Avid FML News readers, have you missed your daily dosage of plane horror stories? We figured you have, and we did not want to dissapoint you any longer, so, here's the most recent dumb decision someone made recently on a plane -- the place people most commonly do weird, dumb, and just plain freakish things. 

According to Chinese news source The Cover, 25 year old Chen was very "hot and stuffy" as he waited for his plane to take off from the airport in Sichuan’s Mianyang city.

Chen thought it a reasonable and not at all an insane idea to simply "crack a window." Hey, we all space out and forget where we are sometimes, right?

Chen simply pulled down the handle beside him, which turned out to be the emergency exit. Along with the nice cool breeze he was looking for and certainly received, he also deployed the plane's emergency slide.

Chen will be detained for 15 days and possibly receive a fine.

Oh, plane weirdos. What would do for entertainment without you?

By Nadine / Wednesday 9 May 2018 16:02 / France
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You guys are such DOORks XD