This Man Burnt Down His Home After Attempting to Kill Spiders with A Blowtorch

Lots of people hate spiders, but not many people go to such great lengths to kill them. When one Arizona man decided to unleash the fiery wrath of of his blowtorch unto some unwelcome arachnids, he ended up saying goodbye to the spiders and his home as well.

As if a spider infestation wasn’t enough of an FML, one man had to go and make things worse.

The Tucson fire department paid a visit to a mobile home in flames on Sunday night after an unnamed man started a fire that destroyed his home and took 23 firefighters to put out.

The fire began just before 9:30 pm when the man thought it would be a good idea to use a propane torch to evacuate the underside of the mobile home of spiders and their webs. He learned very quickly that fire was decidedly not the best way to handle the eight-legged trespassers because within minutes the entire home home was engulfed in flames.

When firefighters arrived, the man was seen carrying an elderly woman out of the trailer to safety. It took them 11 minutes to put out the fire, but by that time, nothing left was salvageable.

Thankfully, everyone involved is safe. Well, except the spiders. At least the man’s efforts weren’t in vain!

By Nina / Tuesday 17 October 2017 11:50 /
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Typical dishonest media! They tried to make the man look like an idiot by saying he “attempted” to kill spiders. He “did” kill the spiders so he is just a dedicated exterminator, not a moron.

By  Joshua Latta  |  5

Well......did it work??