This Little Girl Threw Her Dad's Phone Overboard Because He Was On It Too Much

Unplugging from the internet that is constantly at our fingertips and actually being forced so face the world around us? Now that's an FML.

Russian rapper Timati was on a boat trip with his daughter through the French Riviera when she decided that her dad was simply too preocupied on his phone. The four year old girl, Alisa, can be seen grabbing her father's phone in the video and throwing it overboard. 

Check out the full video below.



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Timati shared the video with his 12.3 million followers on Instagram and it was viewed over 6.5 million times. 

Many people called out that the video is staged, and if you ask us, it most certainly is. So what's the bigger FML? Getting your phone thrown overboard, or staging a corny video for likes on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

By Nadine / Thursday 16 August 2018 16:10 / France
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By  irrelephant1  |  19

Could he of been attempting to make an important point to his followers that are parents? I realize that these folks are raising kids with more distraction then any that have come before them. But forgetting your child is in the back seat of your auto!?? That takes this to a new level. "Focus/Pay attention to your children!" Is prolly going to become as common as . "Don't drink and drive", "Stop,Drop & Roll" and "Only you can prevent Forest Fires!".In my youth and while i had kids still at home- i cant recall of ever hnn