This Instagram Account Will Reassure You That Everyone’s Life Is Just As Bad As Yours, Don’t Worry.

Bad day? The end of another crappy week? In these moments, no one wants to hear from anyone who’s happy and got it together. You want to lean into your own mediocrity! This Instagram, filled solely by overheard FML’s will reassure you that in reality, you’re doing just fine.

In the sea of perfect Instagram influencers who always find the perfect lighting for their photos, travel every weekend and eat strictly organic; It can be hard to stop yourself from comparing yourself to their seemingly perfect lives. Thankfully, there are accounts out there like Overheard New York, created just to shed light on how awkward reality actually is. The best part of this Instagram account is realizing that real people are just as dead on the inside as the rest of us, and there are accounts like this created to prove just that. Life can be shitty. Let’s document it and laugh about it rather than dealing with our own realities.

1. Seems legit.

2. In other words, dump him.

3. There are more questionable things at hand here!

4. When your plan to stop dating fuckboys backfires.

5. The "It's not you, it's me" line, but worse.

6. Planning for the future.

7. Just walk it off and you'll be okay.

8. The American dream.

9. I think we've uncovered the real issue here.

10. Here's hoping these passangers got their Patronus charm down.

11. Well, it's not tha far off from Tinder.

12. You're not ruining overpriced organics for me. 

13. 'Murica.

14. The harsh reality.

15. Take your family and move on, people.

16. Regretable decisions were made.

17. If you think your living situation is terrible, imagine being this guy.

18. Is it too late now to say sorry?

19. Less tax breaks, more play dates. 

20. This world needs less people on it. 

21. What other kind of lightnight party is there?

22. She wasn't let in the club, but the bouncer wishes her the best of luck on her hopes and dreams. 

By Nadine / Friday 26 January 2018 14:43 /
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