This Hilarious Instagram Account Only Posts Photos Of Ridiculous Shoes And We Are Here For It

Fashion can be a head scratcher. These shoes are FMLs for your feet.

The hilarity of the Instagram account Crimes Against Shoemanity doesn't end with the name; It's the content that is truly wonderful. Their bio describes the account in the best SVU style you weren't ready for, saying: "In the criminal justice system, shoe based offences are considered especially heinous. These are their stories."

Without further ado, here are the worst shoes in the criminal world.

1. When you love your pets

2. It's Barbie's Magic Dream-Shoes.

3. Pant shoes.

4. Okay this actually makes sense but I mean is this guy sponsored by New Balance or what

5. The stuff of nightmares.

6. Whoever made these should be fi-yahd.

7. Even the shoes will flip you off.

8. When the cute guy asks if you're into the outdoors

9. Balenciaga strikes again.

10. Is this Balenciaga, too? People always said their work looks like it's made out of IKEA bags.

11. Overcompensating.

12. If the shoe doesn't fit, you must aquit.

13. What. What even is this.

14. Me: You an iPhone or Android person? Them:

15. On today's episode of People Of Wal-Mart...

16. Haven't you heard? Camel toe is in this season. 

By Nadine / Tuesday 10 July 2018 17:22 /
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By  AutumnMarie3639  |  18

talk about camel-toe.