This Guy Made A Fake Tinder Profile To Prove That Hot Men Have It Easy

Because apparently that information needed to be proven and is somehow mind blowing.

Bodybuilding enthusiast GermanLifter social experiment to see how life would play out on a dating app if he had the looks of a male model. 

Recognize him? GermanLifter used the photos of the male model from the Carly Rae Jespen's "Call Me Maybe" music video, and included that he was a 6'3 male model and world traveler in his bio. 

This may come as a shock to our readers, so we hope you're mentally prepared: the fake profile was wildly successful. 

“Also, I have absolutely zero game. I wasn’t even trying, just sending random bullshit that came off top of my head but it doesn’t matter.

[…] All of the following convos take place in a time frame of about 2 hours (srs). I can’t even keep up with all the matches/messages I’m getting, it would probably take 10+ people working full time to talk to all the girls who want this guy.”

See the interactions for yourself, below.


Images: Imgur

By Nadine / Thursday 12 April 2018 16:14 /
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Top comments
  Levi2411  |  39

But what if, just what if, bear with me, women actually went for... Class! Seriously, there are no standards in this article. Of course they didn't look it up.

  DraftHail614  |  17

Because like it said. It's proof that guys like that have it easy. Hell, if anyone average looking guy tried those same lines, they'd be shut down so quick. Just goes to show the women this guy was talking to are all shallow and would forgive even a dick if the guy is hot

By  pjsr  |  32

...and this is news how? It’s not really fair that the fake is both handsome and rich (world traveler) and young.
How about having a profile of an average looking guy with money, this guy living with his parents and minimum wage job. Then we’ll see who gets the most hits.


Not even close to the average Tinder. A large part of ladies have not DTF, only looking for a relationship. I’ll go a month with out a match. I, so far have never been on a date through Tinder.

By  devi_916  |  39

I wouldn't respond to ANY guy talking to me like that. I don't give a fuck how hot/young/rich/worldly he is supposed to be. I guess I just have too much self respect to be so easy.

By  VanityPerfection  |  10

I remember when I matched with this guy over a year ago on Tinder. He sent me those types of messages and when I told him I wasn’t interested he proceeded to harass me on Snapchat and Tinder, calling me degrading names and not leaving me alone. Unless there were multiple accounts of people using this man’s photos, from my encounter with this guy, he was a jerk that wouldn’t take no for an answer.

By  John Nemeth  |  14

Hey people want to bang let them bang.
As for me I’ll be working on my six pack.
*cracks open a beer*
I think it’s only fair now to see a lady do the same thing and post it on here. Let’s see how both sides compare.

By  rubberduck_of_doom  |  31

Yeah so he found a couple of sluts out of what 100? 200? a 1000? girls that he messaged?

All I'm saying is we don't know on how many girls he tried these lines!! I severely doubt those where the first 8 girls he messaged. I assume he messaged far more than that and those are the only positive responses he got.

Believe it or not women (just as much as man) are not as superficial as the media would like you to believe. I have tons of friends who aren't rich, supermodels but are all in a loving relationship....