This Guy Is Recreating Celebrity Fashion Moments With Stuff He Finds At Home And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

What do you do when you love high fashion, but can’t afford it? You put on a cheap wig and figure out how to do it yourself. Just ask Tom Lenk, he’s been doing it for over a year now.

Tom Lenk is an actor you may recognize from his role as Andrew Wells in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But if you weren’t into watching Sarah Michelle Gellar fight vampires and demons, maybe you’d recognize him from his Instagram account, @tommylenk, where he recreates high fashion and celebrity looks for less. A lot less.

His instagram is the answer to a love for high fashion, mostly women’s fashion, and the FML of having neither the body nor the money for it. And his looks are crafty, impractical and rightfully hilarious. I love them and I think you will too. Here are a few!

1.  All side evrything.

2. Showing off his Showgirls look.

3. Looking posh with his baloon boobs.

4. Celine Di-on point.

5. This ensemble is giving me scarlet fever.

6. Tommy look un-Biel-evable.

7. Fit for a queen.

8. I love this look so much, it gives me butterflies in my stomach.

9. Showing off those quads.

10. Made with only two scarves and a t-shirt tied into a bow!

11. You can hardly tell the difference.

12. Discomfort x2

13. Knee windows are a window into the soul.

14. High fashion too high for me.

15. You mean that's not Bette Midler?

16. Like a thanksgiving cornucopia.

17. Even got the pony. 

18. Indecent exposure.

19. Topshop tutu.

20. Who knew there were so many ways to wear your jeans?

21. Psst, your roots are showing.

22. Uncanny.

23. Made of puppy poop bags taped together.

24. That tiger though.

25. Too couture for me.


By Nina / Wednesday 15 November 2017 11:44 / France
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