This Family Hired A ‘Professional’ Photographer For A Shoot And Received These Hideous Photos….WTF?!

Always remember to check out a photographer’s previous work before hiring them for your project. That’s advice you won’t soon forget after seeing the disastrous outcome of this family’s photo shoot. FML for them.

Here in FML’s editorial department, we were casually browsing the internet in search of a new scoop, when we were struck with the good fortune to fall upon this Facebook post. After spending a sufficient amount of time doubled over laughing at this post (about 15 minutes, if you were curious), we agreed we needed to share this sparkling gem with you all.

This FML comes to you from the Zaring family of Missouri. Last Friday, Pam, the mother of the family, shared a few snapshots from her family photo shoot that had turned out to be less than impressive. We’ll let you judge the quality of the photos for yourself, and we’ll talk about it after if you want.

According to an interview with the duped family by local news station KCEN, the photos were taken last May, but were only delivered to the family on January 11th. In the works of Pam, no,”this is NOT a joke.”

Pam and her family had a good sense of humor about it, laughing at this masterful retouching job, though we imagine a refund is in order.

Not even the first generation Sims were this crude.

 What a lovely smile. What are you so cheery about, grandma?

It's so cool to have a Lego head! 

Notice the dogs were spared the retouch. I sense a bit of favoritism here, don't you? 

We wanted to learn more about this talented photog, Lesa Hall, but since these photos have gone online, her facebook account has been deleted. It’s too bad, we would have really loved to hire her for FML’s officially employee photos.

By Nina / Tuesday 16 January 2018 16:18 /
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By  James Thompson  |  8

The photog was right about one thing... you don’t want to do portraits under direct, bright sunlight. It’s makes for harsh, contrasting shadows. Ideally, outside portraits should be done either under an overcast sky, under the shadow of a tree or something similar, or right after sunrise or before sunset. So she wasn’t lying there. Beyond that, whatever the hell she did had to have been a joke. No way she’d be so delusional as to think those weird masks would satisfy the client. But yeah, to reiterate, a bright, sunny, beautiful day are a terrible conditions for portraits.