This Comedian Has Been Trolling the Government With His Driver’s License Pictures and They’re Absolutely Legendary

Moving across state lines means getting a new driver’s license, and for Jono Zalay, a new identity. For years, he’s been adopting a new persona for every official government photo he takes and they’re so funny, even the sternest traffic cop would crack a smile.

Jono Zalay is a stand-up comedian who recently moved back to his home-state of California after building his comedy career in Boston. a new state means a new id, and a new opportunity him to take part Zalay family tradition: “being documented by the government as characters.”

Zalay told BoredPanda that some of the characters adopted by his father “included mafia hitman, lumberjack, and civil war general where he shaved his beard into burnsides. He ended up keeping that look for like 6 months.”

Though Jono has just as many characters under his belt.

When considering what direction he would go in this time, he took all his features into consideration.

He documented his transformation with some hilarious and astute commentary.

All set and ready to hit the DMV!

Not just a punk. The punk. Don’t let the man stop you from doing you, even if that means doing someone else.

And a woke punk at that.

By Nina / Monday 15 January 2018 15:26 / France
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