This Cat's Reaction To Her Pregnancy Will Speak To All Women Who Weren't Planning For A Baby

You have got to be kitten me right now.

Ulla, the 1 year old tabby cat has been living her best life. She's been doing her thing, going out, and not being held back by no man. Unfortuantely for Ulla, one drunken night too many has led her to become pregnant with kittens. And her reaction to finding out is priceless. 

The picture was captioned "When you find out you're pregnant,"and shared to Reddit earlier this week, where it was quickly upvoted more than 90,000 times.

Ulla turned up at the animal shelter in Nuuk, Greenland about two months ago and a staff member noticed that she was getting "a little chubby."

According to TODAY, Ulla is carrying up to 5 kittens, though it can be difficult to get an accurate number when she is so far along in her pregnancy. She is expected to give birth any day now.

Congrats, Ulla! We know that an unexpected pregnancy can be a major FML, but just know that your adorably surprised face resonates with women everywhere. 

By Nadine / Friday 25 May 2018 15:44 / France
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  Gngr_Grl  |  26

Signed in just to down vote.

By  KaD6  |  23

When are people going to start being responsible pet owners and spaying and neutering their animals, especially when they are careless enough to let them run loose? The cost of S/N is VERY small compared to the cost of caring for and feeding the animal over its lifetime. SHAME on this person.

  ari330  |  21

just because someone doesn't spay and neuter their animal does not mean that they are irresponsible in any way, shape, or form. How does that even make sense.

  tenniemo  |  19

She was at a shelter. I’m surprised they didn’t catch it sooner, as they usually do a vet check and part of that is looking for a spay scar. Irresponsible on their part, but at least she’s somewhere that will get her the vet coverage she and her babies need, and they will all get good homes.

  Symphoniaes  |  32

Fun fact about cats, they can get pregnant from different male cats at different times in her cycle! So one of her litter might be the alley cat’s, and the others would be the boyfriend’s

Cats be hoes