This Aquarium Picks The 'Naughtiest Penguin Of The Month' And Displays Their Crimes For All To See

Look out for Mo, the very bad FML-inducing little penguin that has made the list multiple times.

The penguins at the National Aquarium of New Zealand are very naughty little animals, and the employees are downright sick of it. So how did they handle that situation? Investing in better animal training, maybe? Or perhaps by seperating the bad penguins from the good ones? Nah. These employees got creative... and we're so happy that they did. Check out the list of shame below... and if you're hooked on these little guys like we are after you can see more on their Facebook page.











 Source: Bored Panda
By Nadine / Tuesday 31 July 2018 16:03 /
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By  PhoenixChick  |  26

A friend of mine worked in an aquarium in Boston and it's apparantly a well kept aquarium secret that penguins are assholes. They also have a habit of trying to mate really frequently and horribly ineptly, just flopping across the female any old way and not figuring out that certain bits need to line up. So any given children's tour had to include an extra keeper on stand-by to block any view of the constantly fucking penguins who were utterly failing at getting down to business.

  pjsr  |  32

That’s how Dad taught all eight of us kids to swim. All six of us who survived are excellent swimmers today. RIP Alan and Jenny.