These 15 Couples With Great Senses Of Humor Will Definitely Be Together Forever

You can never know for sure if you're with the right person. For the most part, it's wrong until it's right. They say 'you know when you know!' Well, clearly, these 15 couples with excellent senses of humors knew right away. Check out these gems below.

1. This couple with the legal documents

2. The girlfriend who is overly concerned 

3. The couple with pup humor

4. The doodle couple

5. The couple that knows each other reallllly well

6. The couple that takes care of each other's needs

7. The couple with perfect timing

8. The couple that technically does not lie

9. The couple that sends super hot nudes

10. The couple that is goals.

11. The cat couple

12. The couple with excellent prop-comedy

13. This couple that we're vaguely terrified of...

14. This boyfriend, or possibly this murder scene

15. The couple that knows how to keep things steamy

By Nadine / Thursday 24 May 2018 12:26 / France
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