These 10 Students Deserve To Get Immediate A's

School is full of FML moments, so students have got to make up for the humiliation some way. Which is exactly what these 10 students did.

Being a student is a full time job. Being a successful student is like a full time job that you're constantly working overtime for. That, combined with a lack of a proper sleep schedule, leads to some pretty funny moments. Bored Panda has got the full list, but we picked out 10 of our favorites for you. Enjoy! 

1. Makes sense.

2. It was indeed a risk.

3. A teacher posted this from a student and it's truly poetic.

4. Sean is the Editor in Chief. He likes to include funny things in the newspaper.

5. T-Shirts for the 2015 graduating class of Peninsula High School.

6. Science.

7. How could one resist? 

8. This kid just graduated from an online university.

9. Broke, but smart.

10. There was a hole in the ground, so they tied a cheetoh to a piece of yarn in an attempt to communicate with the class below.

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