The Winnie The Pooh Movie Has Been Denied Release In China, And The Reason Why Is Hilariously Petty

Remember when people started comparing the Chinese leader to Winnie The Pooh? Well, a normal person without the world's most fragile ego would probably have been able to handle that. Unfortunately for the Chinese, that's not their leader.

That's right-- the newest Winnie The Pooh film has been denied release in China. Because reasons. 

Those reasons being that the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, had his very sensetive feelings hurt when everyone started comparing him to the cartoon bear. And then, again when everyone continued to make the jokes, because it's so hilarious and the reaction of banning all things Winnie the Pooh makes it even more hilarious. 

Come on, Xi. This would have probably been long forgotten if you had not fed into it so much. Now, he will go down in history as the Winnie the Pooh president. What a legacy.

The comparisons began in 2013 when an image the Chinese president walking with President Barack Obama was posted next to a picture of Pooh walking with Tigger.

Resemblance... uncanny.

Then in 2014, another photo of Xi shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shared next to a photo of Pooh with Eeyore.

Both times, the photos couold not be more on point.

Global Risk Insights suggested the censorship of the cartoon character may be being taken so seriously because the comparisons with the President are seen by Beijing as "a serious effort to undermine the dignity of the presidential office and Xi himself".

Well, we think it's safe to say you're dignity is long gone, dude. 

By Nadine / Friday 10 August 2018 15:50 / France
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