The Top 15 Funniest Tweets Of The Week

Here are our favorite funny tweets from this week. Enjoy!

15. For shame.



14. #relatable



13. Rookie mistake...



12. For real though.



11. Not the plastic bags!



10. Genius.



9. Aww...



8. Same.



7. * wallet screams *



6. Amen.



5. How rude.



4. Finally, somewhere I belong.



3. No way no how.



2. From a Gallant to a Goofus in 1 second.



1. Boi bye.



That's it for this week!


Thanks for checking out the list - which tweet was your favorite?

By Tweety Bird / Monday 19 November 2018 05:07 /
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Top comments

I assumed they were random, like I was once told is the case for the Comments of the Week. Cali, if you're out there, can I get a ruling? And when you've ruled that, can you also provide a ruling on Daniel LaRusso's crane kick at the end of the first Karate Kid movie? Thanks in advance, and have a blessed day.