The Top 10 #FML Tweets isn't the only place people share their woes. Here are our favorite #FML Tweets from this week!

We'd love for everyone to submit all their FML stories to our site, but we haven't achieved world domination just yet. Until then, let's share our little spotlight with the folks on Twitter!

Their posts aren't as polished as yours, and most don't inspire as many sassy comments, but let's give them a little round of applause for their efforts.

1. It's for your own good, buddy.



2. What a wild child!


3. Nice.


4. Google to the rescue!


5. We?


6. SMH


7. Rookie Mistake


8. Sweet ride, dude.


9. Biblical Crowd


10. Call me and I'll block you...



That's all for now, folks! If you're on Twitter, don't forget to give us a follow! The VDM page is beating us and we're not into it.


By Ben Dover / Friday 17 August 2018 16:20 /
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