The Shoes That Women Have Always Wanted Are Finally Here: Croc-Heels!

"You're welcome, women." -The inventor of Crocs, probably.

No need to adjust your perscription-- you read that right. High-heeled crocs, the shoes women have so desired for decades, have finally arrived and are ready to grace the feet of women everywhere.

How many times can you, as a woman, count the occasions when you've thought, "damn, I'd love to wear my crocs tonight, but unfortuantely, that's not exactly Olive Garden appropriate footwear." 

What about the amount of times you've wanted to wear heels, and have been forced to choose between bleeding, numb feet and looking chic? (Ok- I'm breaking for fourth wall here to say that that that last one is actually very legit.)

Worry not, ladies! Crocs has come to answer our prayers. That's right: with croc heels. Check out these beauts below.

They come in an assortmant of colors, and cost a whopping $227 per pare. WORTH EVERY CENT, if you ask us. hell, why not just buy them all? Throw the rest of your shoes away, there will be nary an occasion where these bad boys don't make an impression. 

Source: ScaryMommy
By Nadine / Monday 16 July 2018 16:32 /
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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

I love Crocs! I've had mine for 15+ years and still wear them during the warmer months. Got several different colors to coordinate with my outfits. :D I don't care if they're not "in style" anymore, I still love them. They're easy to slip on and off and comfortable. But these high heels? Tempting, but not for $227. The ones I have were only $30 a pair. I'd try these high heels if they were priced better.