The FML Quiz: Cat Edition

Don't be a scaredy-cat... Purr-haps you'll surprise yourself!

Welcome welcome, boys and girls (and attack helicopters). The quiz is back! This week's theme? Cats! Join me on an adventure through the fabulous world of felines.

Cat got your tongue, n00b? No problem.

How it works:

Choose the best multiple-choice option to complete the FML. Scroll down for the answer key. Comment your results. Champs win cool cat bragging rights, but everyone gets a compliment from me (even if they do a terrible job) until the next quiz comes out a week later. Nothing but good vibes here, guys. And lots of purring.

1. Today, my older brother told me that the only reason I like cats is because they __________. I laughed. He was serious. FML

  1. "control minds"

  2. "flaunt their asses"

  3. "release intoxicating pheromones"

  4. "play hard to get"


2. Today, it's the day before my friends' wedding. My dress has not yet been shipped from the online shop where I ordered it three weeks ago, the hand-crafted gift that was ordered last month is trapped at customs and my cats have just managed to...

  1. push my phone off the counter. It broke. FML

  2. shred my invitation. FML

  3. pee directly onto my only dress shoes. FML

  4. open the drawer and eat the wedding card. FML


3. Today, I got caught trying to steal my own cat back from...

  1. the vet. FML

  2. my neighbor. FML

  3. animal control. FML

  4. my sister-in-law. FML


4. Today, my mom got a cat. I'm allergic to cats, so I politely asked my mom why she got it. Her response:

  1. "I thought you were faking it." What? FML

  2. "I forgot." She won't take them back. FML

  3. "Allergies are all in the head. You'll get over it." FML

  4. "I want you to finally want to move out." I turned eighteen two weeks ago. FML


5. Today, it's difficult being a single woman in my city: The female/male ratio is 3:1, and the last 3 dates I've been on were with a guy who kept asking for nudes, an aggressive raging alcoholic, and what turned out to be a __________. I'm seriously considering adopting several more cats. FML

  1. hoarder

  2. married man

  3. giant crustacean from the paleolithic era

  4. professional clown


Final Answers? Scroll past these crazy cats to check your work!


tl;dr - ADBDB








You've clawed your way to the end! How did you do?

As always, comment your score below and I'll share the love!

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...and don't forget to help choose the theme for next week!

Burgers, Marvel, spiders, vodka, Oprah... Whatever you come up with, I'll try to find related FMLs and gifs and we'll call it a party.

CATch y'all later!
-Cali ♥︎






By Cali / Wednesday 24 May 2017 16:28 /
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  Cali  |  54

So far it's that or "siblings." If no one else from the community weighs in I'll put it to a vote here in the office!

  Cali  |  54

Nice work! So far it's between that and "farm animals." If no one else from the community weighs in I'll decide with an FML staff vote!