The Finalists for the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Awards Have Been Selected And They’re As Funny As They Are Cute

Nature photographers capture the stunning beauty and elegance of wildlife in action. They also capture animals being derps. The Comedy Wildlife Awards represent the derpiest derps of them all.

For the third year in a row, photographers have submitted their funniest photos of wildlife to the Comedy Wildlife Awards and the finalists have now been announced. Photos like these prove that animals, as majestic as they can be are not always photogenic.

Of the 40 finalists, here are 20 of our favorite! To see the whole selection, head over to their gallery and be sure to check out former finalists as well!

1. Who nose what these guys are laughing at?

2. Hole in one!

3. Find someone who looks at you the way this fox looks at that other fox.

4. "Duck!" No, penguin.

5. Kangaroo Jack practicing Tai Chi.

6. "Go away, pervert!"

7. Polar bear pup butt magnet activated.

8. Why did I ever have children?

9. Suited up in their Sunday best.

10. Slipped.

11. Never interrupt bath time.

12. You're in my way!

13. How I feel dealing with internet commenters.

14. Pre-roar.

15. NSFW

16. Off to steal your girl.

17. When it's just too good to eat slowly.

18. "You should really see a doctor about that"

19. The mad scientist of the sea.

20. Piggyback ride.

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