The BBQ Select - 13 FMLs About Your Favorite Labor Day Pastime and Everything That Can Go Wrong When Dealing with Fire

Barbecues, America’s favorite Labor Day activity. The perfect way to unwind and profit from a day off work. So why do they so often cause us to have total meltdowns in front of those we love? It’s an FML mystery we don’t have an answer to, but love to laugh at anyway!

It’s a tradition you share with your friends, family, and other loved ones. But did you know that it’s also the backdrop of unspoken amounts of drama between said friends, family, and loved ones? Maybe it’s the grill smoke going to your head, or badly cooked meat, or too much alcohol. Who knows? All we know is that it makes for some great stories.

Hopefully all you guys are out there right now living your own Labor Day meltdown to share on FML soon, but for now, here are 13 BBQ classics from our archive:

1. They must not have been very close friends if they didn't even know what his fiancee looked like.

2. Damn it, dad!

3. Psych! No such thing as a day off.

4. The night's not over until mom makes a scene.

5. Why have a regular hot dog when you could have a Vienna sausage?

6. Google result for "how to become a company legend."

7. Definitley NOT a pussy if he has the balls to say that in front of her family...

8. You'd think after five months you'd have realized your girlfriend was an ignorant asshole.

9. At least the barbecue is an appropriate place to light a fire.

10. How nice of you to bring a firestarter to the barbecue.

11. DANGER!! That's one sausage you wouldn't want to throw on the grill...

12. Your grandfather sounds like a resourceful man.

13. The truth will out.

By Nina / Monday 4 September 2017 11:23 / France
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