Suggestive Fendi Scarf Has Twitter Freaking Out

At least we're not the only ones thinking it looks like... what it looks like.

Fendi is blowing up online right now for its "The Touch of Fur" shawl, which is made of silk and real fox fur and costs £750 / $989.


The drapey pink scarf has fur trim and was shown on the Fendi website as it would look wrapped around the wearer's neck, with all the folds of a slouchy scarf. Basically, it looks very much like a female vulva (or vagina, in layman's terms) and it's not just us who think so.


First, we invite you to judge for yourself:



Yeah. If you wore that thing, you'd risk looking a lot like you did on the day you were born, and childbirth (though important and magical) ain't cute. Fendi also sells the scarf in blue and red options, but the damage is 100% done. That's a clam scarf and we're not hearing otherwise.


Twitter users, as always, had a lot to say about this genital design.





So what do you think? Would you ever go 'born again' with the Fendi scarf or is it a lewd abomination?


By Gloria Borger / Tuesday 16 October 2018 22:57 /
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By  julfunky  |  29

I didn’t see a vagina at first. But after being told it looks like one it’s all I see 😵

Had it been fake fur I would’ve thought it was a good find. Now it needs a new color too.