Students Banned From Feeding Dog After It Becomes Obese

The dog ate my homework. And everything else in sight. FML.

A rescue dog turned guard dog at Wenhua Elementary School in Tamsui, New Taipei City has recently made headlines for getting a bit... chunky.

The mixed-breed dog was rescued by elementary students in Taiwan eight years ago. They named the beloved pup 'Little White Socks' and gave him the very important job or guarding the school.

"Everybody just loves Little White Socks, it's a very quiet and well-behaved dog," resident Ms Liu told MailOnline. "It will stand guard at the school entrance whenever the kids arrive or leave at school. I just hope that it can be healthy again."

The only problem is, the students may spoil the pup a little too much. Due to constant treats and lack of exercise (who would have guessed!) The dog has ballooned to 50kg  -- or 110 pounds.

"It's like a pig! I don't know even how it's able to stand up properly with those skinny legs," a nearby store owner told reporters. 

Along with a strict diet in place, the school has directed students to take the dog for walks and play catch with it.

Good luck, Little White Socks. Do they make weight watchers for pups?


By Nadine / Friday 7 September 2018 16:11 /
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Top comments
  cutcut1  |  10

It’s less depressing because it was kids meaning well accidentally gorging the poor dog just wanting to give it love and treats lol at least they’re doing something about it

  Lepisma  |  38

“Chubby” was probably 70 pounds ago. Judging by the pictures, a healthy weight for this dog is probably around 40 pounds. He weighs nearly THREE TIMES that much. This is literally the equivalent of a 600 pound man. Google that. It’s NOT cute.

By  swervelol  |  28

Elementary students are a little too young to understand the responsibility and the consequences of spoiling and giving too many treats to a dog. The school should really have kept better watch over a living animal if they wanted to keep him healthy.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Awww, poor puppy. :( I hope he's okay! There was an overweight dachshund a few years back that went on a big diet and lost lots of weight. Hopefully the same can happen to this cute pooch! Good luck, buddy!