Student Has To Dress Like A Christmas Tree For The Rest Of The Year After Making A Stupid Promise On Twitter

One young woman learned not to tempt the social media gods after her promise to wear this Christmas tree costume to class every day if she got over 1K shares goes viral. 14K later, she’s not only wearing a tree suit, she’s also wearing the face of regret.

What more is the internet for than to watch other people embarrass themselves? It’s why people love FML, or fail compilation videos, or Tumblr. Very rarely, though, do netizens get to play and active role in contributing to that embarrassment. So when Kelsey Hall left the fate of her wardrobe up to Twitter, of course people were quick to act.

Hall, a 20-year-old student at the University of Alabama, underestimated the power of the internet when she posted this picture of herself in a Christmas tree suit, along with the caption “1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this to all my classes for the rest of the semester.”



According to an interview with People, her mom found the costume for her and thought it was funny. She wasn’t wrong there. But what’s even funnier is how much she underestimated the tweet’s likelihood to spread.



As you can see, at of the time of writing, the tweet had already been shared 14K+ times, thanks to friends and strangers who were determined to make this happen.



Silly Kelsey.

She probably just thought it would be a funny caption, not a binding promise. But with that many re-tweets, you can’t just pretend it didn’t happen. Even the Official Twitter Channel is excited for the follow up!



If anyone has ever felt deep regret in their life, it’s Kelsey.



As Monday approached, the regret grew stronger.



But Kelsey did not disappoint. Monday classes came and she delivered.



The face of FML, you mean.



Merry Christmas, Kelsey. That face is the best Christmas gift you could have possibly given us.

By Nina / Tuesday 5 December 2017 16:46 /
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