Some Guy Pointed Out How Weird These Cookbook Covers Are And Now People On Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About It

Cooking a romantic meal for two can be an intimate event, but there’s a limit to how close is too close. Now that one man has pointed out these oddly misogynistic cookbook covers, people on Twitter can’t stop talking about how much these covers are an FML for the women featured on them.

As if mansplaining wasn’t already a common enough occurrence for women, one line of cookbooks is trying to normalize mansplaining in the kitchen. Instant Pot For Two cookbooks feature crockpot recipes written and compiled by a number of different authors. But while the recipes may vary from book to book, one thing always stays the same. The person to point out that similarity was Mike Rugnetta, who posted about it on Twitter.

All of these cookbooks have pretty much the same cover image, in which a man is standing behind a woman, either providing unnecessary support in the form of his looming presence or literally helping her chop vegetables as if she were five years old.

Covers like these are problematic enough as it it, but what was just as disturbing was the fact that there are so many of these books.

First, no one needs this many crockpot recipes. If you're using a crockpot in the first place, chances are you’re too lazy to cook, and if you’re that lazy, we doubt you’re looking to get creative.

That aside, we raise the more important question: what the actual fuck?

People noticed the uncomfortable facial expressions and body language of the women and had a lot to say about it.

Despite how ridiculous these covers are, some people noted that instant pot dinners for two are still better than Microwave Dinners for One, which are real cookbooks with real sad covers like these.

But there’s no distracting from the real FML of this story: these poor women in the cover photos.

@fdhbstephanie may be exaggerating, but are we sure these women aren’t being held hostage? Someone should really check up on these women to see how they’re doing, how the cooking’s going, and if they, perchance, happen to have dried blood under their nails from scratching at the walls of the basement they’re locked in. 

From what Twitter had to say, we guess no one would be surprised if that were the case.

By Nina / Thursday 25 January 2018 15:10 /
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By  Razell  |  13

Good gravy, these Twitter people are stupid. It's not men "mansplaining" the cooking to their women, it's men attempting to be flirty and playful when their women have sharp implements in hand. It's a kitchen safety failure, not an damned example of misogyny.